I am a third year Ph.D. student in the Johns Hopkins Computer Science department affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing. I am currently a visiting Ph.D. student at the Center for Information and Language Processing at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München supported by a Fulbright Fellowship under the supervision of Hinrich Schütze. I am coadvised by Jason Eisner and David Yarowsky. I specialize in Computational Linguistics and Machine Learning, focusing on statistical approaches to phonology and morphology. On a lighter note, I'm a big fan of the passive voice. Outside of the university I spend a lot of time reading modern German-language literature; Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse and Max Frisch are favorites.

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My research interests lie in statistical approaches to phonology and morphology. I am a staunch empiricist and believe in modeling linguistic data as they are in an atheoretic manner. My current research involves building graphical models over strings using weighted finite-state transducers to infer underlying phonological forms. I also work on unsupervised morphology induction using very large corpora, focusing on heavily inflected languages (fusional and agglutinative). Beyond these two projects, I am interested in experimental phonology and modeling experimental data. In the past, I worked with Chris Callison-Burch on using crowdsourcing to improve Arabic dialect identification.



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Johns Hopkins University

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Advisors: Jason Eisner and David Yarowsky

Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science
Minor: Linguistics
Advisor: Colin Wilson
May 2013


Sometimes I create flashcards to aid the learning process. I've provided a few for download.

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